Ron Ten Berge: Inspirational Professional

Ron Ten Berge is an inspirational Leadership and Management Executive known for his inspirational presence in the office and for his ability to build up his team members.

Ron Ten Berge with his wife

Ron Ten Berge has decades of proven success in his industries and can relate to people at all levels, which has contributed to his reputation.

Ron Ten Berge with his wife

Mr. Ten Berge has experience working in private equity, family-owned businesses and Fortune 500 businesses alike, and he isn’t stopping any time soon.

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Ron Ten Berge: Tireless Focus on Change

Ron Ten Berge is a seasoned executive management professional with decades of experience. He maintains an excellent reputation among those he’s worked with in the past, and he doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

Presently, he’s working as CEO of Pinnacle Climate Technologies. The following recommendation is one of many that Ron Ten Berge has received since launching his career:

Ron Ten Berge

  • “Ron is a change agent that completely realigned his sales organization, enabling an increase in sales, a significant reduction in selling expense and an increase in sales contribution. Ron drove increases in profit and through customer centered initiatives his organization improved service and merchandising performance,” wrote Mr. Ten Berge’s past team member. “I recommend Ron for any organization that has to tackle a series of difficult changes. His tireless focus on change and effective implementation contributed greatly to the success of Pure Fishing.”

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Ron Ten Berge: Business Strategy Tips for Beginners

Ron Ten Berge is an executive leadership and management professional with decades of experience in his field. He’s passionate about his career and he’s known for his command of business strategy that consistently drives double-digit growth in consumer product verticals and global markets.

Ron Ten Berge

If you’re new to business strategy, tips like these can help you start building your career so you can join professionals like Ron Ten Berge in success:

  • Focus on Being Unique

Business strategy is all about being unique. Don’t get caught in the trap of competing to “be the best.” Instead, focus on bringing a unique perspective to your industry so your organization stands out among its competition.

  • Focus on Cashflow

Businesses run on money, and the best business strategies usually orbit around cashflow. Don’t focus on growth, but on profits. Growth is an inevitable consequence of profitability and it will come when your business begins reaching its profit potential.

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Ron Ten Berge: What is Private Equity?

Ron Ten Berge is an inspirational executive management professional and a change agent with decades of experience. He’s passionate about his field and he possesses a deep knowledge of private equity-backed companies with the ability to drive significant revenue and profitability turnarounds that maximize value.

Private equity often has a certain appeal to operating partners like Ron Ten Berge as a viable investment and business option.

Ron Ten Berge

In layman’s terms, private equity refers to shares of ownership or capital that aren’t publicly traded. It’s typically established through private equity firms or funds and can be used as a buyout of or an investment in a large public company being taken to the private sector.

Private equity investors often raise capital to facilitate mergers and acquisitions, new working capital or new project development. Private equity firms come in many shapes and sizes often focusing on certain market sectors.

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Ron Ten Berge and Things He Misses About the Way Things Were

Ron Ten Berge

You can call Ron Ten Berge a historian of sales and marketing. He has that much experience and knowledge. Even though technology has changed marketing, the fundamentals are actually the same. It is still about how you create a connection between your consumer and the brand, how you break through barriers. But the tactics have changed immensely. Take a commercial like Coke’s “I’d like to teach the world to sing.” People remembered that commercial. Recent brand movements might not be remembered as much and there is a reason for that.


Ron Ten Berge Fishing


When Coke launched that marketing campaign, there were just four or so channels to watch and only one way to watch them: the television. Coke would run their advertisements hundreds of times and they knew customers only had a few options for getting media and entertainment. Now we have no less than a dozen different ways of accessing media. It is a bit harder to be memorable and get your message across. Now, marketers aren’t developing mass market messages, they have more of a strategy in place for each of the mediums they are using to reach you. There will be a Twitter campaign, a television campaign, a Snapchat campaign, etc. Strategy has grown to sometimes trump creativity.

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Ron Ten Berge and Letting Someone Go

When Ron Ten Berge has to let an employee go, it tends to not be contentious. In the less contentious firings, it takes some time to completely terminate employment. These are the employees who have not violated ethics or stolen anything. In the situations where someone has done something illegal or violated codes, immediate action is taken. But the more difficult terminations are actually the ones where someone has not done anything inherently wrong, it is just that they are not a good fit for the job and their skills don’t match the role they are in.

Ron Ten Berge hiking a mountain in the morning

In this situation, Ron Ten Berge generally sits down with the employee and they talk in detail about how their skills are not aligning with the business. He relays how he will work to help them transition to a new job. Ron sees how they respond. If they are angry or upset, Ron and the employee will agree to a termination date at that moment or shortly after. If they understand, even if they don’t like it, they will work together for a transition that gives the employee time to look for a new job. They shake hands and agree on an amount of time.


With higher level jobs, there tends to be a severance agreement.  Firing someone isn’t a joy of the job but having the right people in leadership positions is key. A company can only go as high as its leaders and sometimes you have to replace people. Ron Ten Berge has seen some people feel relieved when they are terminated because they are free to find a job they are better suited for.

Presentations, Public Speaking, and Ron Ten Berge’s Thoughts on the Two

Ron Ten Berge is very passionate about the topic of public speaking. During his career, he grew up on the sales side where giving presentations is a must. Over the course of his time as a salesperson and a marketer, he has had tremendous tutors and mentors. Ron Ten Berge has done everything from one on one presentations to being on a stage with a large teleprompter with thousands of people watching him. One of the things that he can say about becoming a great public speaker is: practice, practice, practice, the age-old mantra. But he has worked hard on becoming a confident and talented public speaker. Some people might think that public speaking comes naturally to many folks. It doesn’t. Like many things, it is a learned skill.

Most gifted speakers will tell you that they practice and work hard, that they have coaches and they get critiqued in order to constantly refine their message and learn. One organization that has been known to help people become better public speakers is Toast Masters. Ron Ten Berge hasn’t used them, but has a number of employees who swear by them. Early on in Ron Ten Berge’s career, different executives would lead national sales meetings. They were so poised and polished and he really admired them. Many of them went on to become his mentors and he is very thankful for all they have taught him. He has tried to pay it forward and do the same with his employees. When Ron has a sales meeting, he makes those who present practice in front of him before presenting to the group.

A lot of folks find this really uncomfortable but they end up learning how valuable getting someone’s feedback can be. The pastor of Ron’s church is known for being one of the most gifted communicators and he gets feedback after every single one of his sermons. It simply just important to get feedback. It is how you get to learn.

Ron Ten Berge and the Museums he Loves

Ron Ten Berge isn’t a museum fanatic

but his wife loves going to them. As a result, he often gets dragged along to museums when they are traveling the world. It has become part of their travel experience. It isn’t that Ron hates museums, it’s just that they aren’t necessarily on his tourist list. But when Ron Ten Berge gets to the museum his wife has taken him to, he winds up enjoying the experience a lot more then he thought he would. Some of his favorite museums are in Amsterdam. He believes that there is so much history in the region and an extremely vast array of great art. One site that has had a deep impact on Ron is the Anne Frank house. He is mesmerized by how interesting and profound Anne’s story is.

When he visited her house, he found himself caught up in his surroundings. Seeing how a young woman took it upon herself to try and help, save, and tell the story of her people’s suffering was very moving. In the United States, he loves going to Washington D.C. to visit the Smithsonian museums.  Another favorite of Ron’s is the National Chinese Museum in Taiwan, which is an incredible museum that houses over seven hundred thousand artifacts and artworks. The collection encompasses 8,000 years of Chinese art. In 1931 the government ordered the evacuation of its most valuable to prevent it from falling into the hands of the Imperial Japanese Army. It’s an incredible story and accomplishment.

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The Things Ron Couldn’t Live Without if he were Stranded on a Deserted Island.

If you were to ask Ron Ten Berge what he could not live without if he found himself deserted on an island, the first answers he’d give would be related to survival, water being the most important.

Ron Ten Berge in the Desert

If you push Ron Ten Berge to think more playfully, he would say, first, reading material. He generally reads books related to business and marketing. In the case of being without anything to do, he would change his taste and ask for something more narrative.


Ron Ten Berge takes photo with various employees

Fun stories to keep him entertained because he imagines he would be pretty lonely. He would want a good knife or gun to hunt, a great fishing rod to catch seafood. He also would want to make sure he had a supply of great whiskey.


Lake side photo of ron ten berge and wife

Some of his favorites include Knob Creek and Basil Hayden, a small batch whiskey produced by Beam Statutory. Ron Ten Berge would additionally love the ingredients needed to make a Manhattan.